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Do you love to read?  You might have fun exploring some of these web sites.

Readers Advice - book lists for 9000+ fiction authors in 460 subgenres

Reading Group Guides - contains discussion questions for more than 2,000 books and great resources for book clubs.

Readers' Circle - a book club networking site.  Looking for a local book club to join? - find it on this site.

Goodreads - a social networking site for readers.  Keep lists of the books you want to read, are currently reading, and ones you want to read. Share these lists and book reviews with friends.  See what your friends are reading.

Stop,You're Killing Me! - the ultimate resource for mystery lovers.  Find a new author or the next book in a series.  Various types of indexes are here -- including, but not only --  author, main character, location of story, occupation of main character. 

SFSite - books and links for the science fiction fan.  Incredible database of science fiction and fantasy titles, authors, series, and themes.
Christian Fiction Finder - for readers of inspirational fiction - a database of Christian fiction titles and authors.
Book Spot - portal site for hundreds of book-related web sites.

Gnooks - fun site that helps to find reading suggestions and similar authors.

Library Booklists - more book lists, more categories, more links than you can imagine - this is the place to go to find a book to read.