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SOUTH WINDSOR PUBLIC LIBRARY               DRAFT                      
LIBRARY BOARD OF DIRECTORS         Regular Meeting October 23, 2018 
  1. A Regular Meeting of the South Windsor Public Library Board of Directors was held in the Board Room of the Library on Tuesday, October 23, 2018. The Meeting was called to order by Chair Carole Stroud at 7:08 p.m. 
PRESENT:                  C. Stroud, M. Andrus, K-M. Sharos, C. Gallagher
ABSENT:                   K. Chiappetta, B. Asplund
ALSO PRESENT:      M. J. Etter, Library Director
                                    J. Preuss, Business Manager/Administrative Assistant
                                    J. Snyder, Town Council Liaison
  1. Friends of the South Windsor Public Library – Mrs. Etter reported that the Friends approved the request for $10,000, which supports Library programming, concerts, and the museum pass program. The Friends also directly support The Dictionary Project, Kindergarten visits to the Library, and care for Library plants.  The Board is appreciative of their support. 
  1. Public Participation – none
  1. It was moved and seconded (Andrus/Sharos) to adopt the Minutes of the Regular Meeting September 25, 2018. Voted unanimously.    
  1. It was moved and seconded (Andrus/Sharos) that the Treasurer’s Reports from September 2018 be accepted and placed on file, subject to audit. Voted unanimously.  
  1. Director’s Reports – We will be showing the live webinar from the IRS regarding crumbling foundations on Wednesday, October 24, in the Friends Room.  A new chiller for the Library has been replaced.  At the NELA conference, Mrs. Etter met with a representative of Burbio, an online, community calendar platform.  The rep said it takes about 2 weeks to make contacts and put the town calendars together.  The software has to be compatible.  Mary will present this calendar at the next Town Council meeting in November.  Vanessa Perry, HR Director, asked town department heads to meet with the firm conducting the search for the new Town Manager, to help assist him with the marketing and recruitment of a successful Town Manager.  Mrs. Etter has received the quote for replacing all carpeting in the building from Bartholomew Contract Interiors, who replaced the carpeting in the hall, the stairs and the Friends Room.  The total estimate for the Children’s, Adult, Tech Services and Administrative departments is approximately $221,995.  Mrs. Stroud said that this must be added to the Capital Projects list. Mrs. Snyder talked to Clay Major, Building Maintenance department, about the Library’s elevator.  The mechanical function of the elevator needs to be replaced with different technology, as the current format is outdated and parts not available for replacement.  The roof expenditure of $400,000 is on the referendum in November.
7.  Old Business -  
  1. Equipment – The printer in the Reference department has been in need of repair.  This printer is under contract, so a service call has been placed.               
  2. Committees
  1. Personnel, Policy, and Rules – Circulation Policy Review - Mrs. Etter presented the Board with the current Circulation policy for their review.  Two paragraphs were added for consideration.  It was moved and seconded (Andrus/Sharos) to accept the revised policy, as presented.  Voted unanimously.
  2. Strategic Planning Committee – CSL Best Practices and Aspen Action Guide Review – Mrs. Etter, Mrs. Stroud, and Mrs. Asplund attended a required workshop for the LSTA grant at East Lyme Public Library. There is a 2 page application for the grant, and the next deadline is October 29. 
  1. Technology Projects – Emerging Technologies Librarian Laura LaBelle is conducting technology classes for both adults and children.  Mrs. Etter has ordered 3 new scanners which will allow staff to scan books for inventory control and proper shelving.  The cost is approximately $600.00.    
  2. Wish List – no report
  1.  New Business
  1. Staff – The temporary employee from The Donahue Group has started his work in the Tech Services department. 
  2. LSTA Grant Application – discussed above in Strategic Planning Committee.
  3. November Meeting Date? – The Board will leave the date (November 27) the same.  Mrs. Andrus will be away for that meeting. 
  4. Any other business that may properly come before the Board – Mrs. Stroud would like the ACLB newsletter distributed to the Board.        
9.   Communications – none
  1. Executive Session to discuss matters which by law are deemed confidential - none 
11.  Library Board Chairman’s Comment – no comment
12.  Adjournment - Meeting adjourned 8:20 p.m. (Sharos).
Respectfully Submitted,
Jean M. Preuss
Business Manager/Administrative Assistant