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We are sorry to inform you that
JOE PAVA, Librarian Extraordinaire,
died following a heart attack on Monday, July 5, 2021.

Joe was a colleague of uncommon intelligence, wit, and grace,
beloved by patrons and staff alike.

He served the people of South Windsor as Reference Librarian,
Head of Collection Development,
and Supervisor of Adult Services for thirty-two years,
influencing the growth of our collection,
the training of our Reference Staff,
and a culture that supports intellectual freedom
and the place of the public library as a hub of the community.

We know that our loss is shared with the many, many patrons who have
known Joe as their own special librarian over the years.

A book for recording memories of Joe is open in the Music area he loved.
Please feel free to add your comments. This, along with any cards received
at the Library, will be saved for Karen and the Pava family.

Many have asked about memorial donations to the Library.  We have started
a special fund with gifts already received and will add any additional
contributions as they arrive. Please make checks payable to:
South Windsor Public Library Special Account
and add “Pava” on the memo line.

Donations may be brought or sent to our Administrative Office on the lower level. Karen
is regularly updated regarding these gifts and we will work with her to
determine a suitable memorial.

Thank you for your patience as we adjust to our loss.