South Windsor Public Library Event Calendar

Date: 2/13/2018
Time: 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Title: International Film Series
Contact: staff, 860-644-1541
Location: Friends Room
Description: We'll be watching and discussing Johnny Stecchino (1991 film directed by Roberto Benigni - 102 minutes. Italy's Clown Prince, Roberto Benigni, directs and acts in this zany film about a bus driver (Dante) who becomes the double for a Mafia kingpin ( Johnny). Benigni draws on the comic antics of the greats like Chaplin, Keaton, and Steve Martin in developing the hapless, clueless Dante. This film is reported to be Italy's most successful film comedy. Discussion will be led by Professor Mike DiRaimo after the Tuesday showing only.            860-644-1541