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SOUTH WINDSOR PUBLIC LIBRARY                                       DRAFT
LIBRARY BOARD OF DIRECTORS         Regular Meeting February 27, 2018 
  1. A Regular Meeting of the South Windsor Public Library Board of Directors was held in the Board Room of the Library on Tuesday, February 27, 2018. The Meeting was called to order by Vice-Chair Kathy Chiappetta at 7:02 p.m. 
PRESENT:                  M. Andrus K. Chiappetta, B. Asplund, C. Gallagher
ABSENT:                   C. Stroud, K-M. Sharos
ALSO PRESENT:      M. J. Etter, Library Director
                                    J. Preuss, Business Manager/Administrative Assistant
                                    J. Snyder, Town Council Liaison
                                    D. Carroll, Friends Board representative
  1. Friends of the South Windsor Public Library – Mrs. Carroll commented that the Friends are sponsoring 4 concerts this year, the last one in April.  On March 12, there will be a combined Booked for Lunch/Murder & Mayhem program.  The Dictionary Project has been completed; the Friends sponsor this program which provides dictionaries to all 3rd grade students in South Windsor.      
  1. Public Participation – none
  1. It was moved and seconded (Andrus/Asplund) to adopt the Minutes of the Regular Meeting January 23, 2018. Voted unanimously.    
  1. It was moved and seconded (Andrus/Asplund) that the Treasurer’s Reports from January 2018 be accepted and placed on file, subject to audit. Voted unanimously. 
  1. Director’s Reports – The CT Library Association testified at the Appropriations Committee hearing on Thursday February 22.  This was the only hearing that a group could address the cuts to the State Library.  The testimony was well received.  The cuts to the CCard funding and the CLC collaborative would be a significant loss to CT Libraries.  Mrs. Snyder asked what affect the cuts would have on libraries.  Mrs. Etter responded that the loss of funding to CLC would jeopardize significant discounts for library purchases that are negotiated by CLC.  Cuts to CCard reimbursements which facilitate reciprocal borrowing between libraries would likely result in some libraries dropping out of the program, hurting patrons who use it.  Significant loss of State Library funding risks potential loss of federal funds, which would affect the delivery service. 
7.  Old Business -  
  1. Equipment – no report.             
  2. Committees
  1.  Personnel, Policy, and Rules – Update – Mrs. Etter has embarked on a salary survey of libraries, and we are still waiting for one library to respond.  The staff will help to interpret the results.  This information will be available for the committee meeting on March 12, 2018.
  2. Strategic Planning Committee – Update – Mrs. Etter will contact a facilitator for focus groups.  Mrs. Asplund noted that the Town is doing a survey and the Library will have a page of questions.  The questions need to be updated. 
  3. Technology Projects – Emerging Technology Librarian Laura LaBelle has been asked to do technology programs with the Girl Scouts.    
  4. Connecticar/deliverIT CT – no report 
  5. Trustee Orientation Packet – Mrs. Etter asked the Board to bring back their blue binders for dividers. 
  6. Wish List – no report
  1.  New Business
  1. Staff – The staff has had numerous illnesses during the past month.  Sandy Westbrook will begin working part-time as the Adult programming person on Monday, March 5.
  2. Any other business that may properly come before the Board – none           
9.   Communications – The Library received 2 generous gifts this month.
  1. Executive Session to discuss matters which by law are deemed confidential – It was moved and seconded (Andrus/Asplund) to move into Executive Session at 7:30 p.m. to discuss the Library Director’s annual evaluation.  The Board emerged from this Session at 8:00 p.m.
11.  Library Board Chairman’s Comment – no comment
12.  Adjournment - Meeting adjourned 8:02 p.m. (Andrus).
Respectfully Submitted,
Jean M. Preuss
Business Manager/Administrative Assistant