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SOUTH WINDSOR PUBLIC LIBRARY                           D R A F T      
LIBRARY BOARD OF DIRECTORS         Regular Meeting April 25, 2017 
  1. A Regular Meeting of the South Windsor Public Library Board of Directors was held in the Board Room of the Library on Tuesday, April 25, 2017. The Meeting was called to order by Chair Carole Stroud at 7:03 p.m. 
PRESENT:                  C. Stroud, K. Chiappetta, M. Andrus, B. Asplund, K-M. Sharos
ABSENT:                   M. Lewis
ALSO PRESENT:      M. J. Etter, Library Director
                                    J. Preuss, Business Manager/Administrative Assistant
                                    J. Snyder, Town Council Liaison
  1. Friends of the South Windsor Public Library – The Friends will be participating in the Dollars for Scholars selection night – the Friends sponsor three scholarships.  Mrs. Etter is working on a speaker for the June Salad Luncheon.      
  1. Public Participation – none
  1. It was moved and seconded (Andrus/Sharos) to adopt the Minutes of the Regular Meeting March 28, 2017.  Voted unanimously.    
  1. It was moved and seconded (Chiappetta/Sharos that the Treasurer’s Reports from March 2017 be accepted and placed on file, subject to audit. Voted unanimously. 
  1. Director’s Reports.  Mrs. Etter reported that the Connecticar BorrowIT grant has been received.  There will be a Booked for Lunch and an anniversary party for the 20th anniversary of the Library addition on May 20.  There will be a separate celebration for Board members, past and present, and staff on May 24 from 12-2 p.m.      
7.  Old Business -  
  1. Equipment – We have ordered a new computer for the self-checkout in the Children’s Department.  The file cabinets for Mrs. Etter’s office have been delivered.             
  2. Committees
  1.  Personnel, Policy, and Rules – no report 
  2. Finance Committee – Budget Status – The Town Council and the Board of Education had a joint meeting on the budget.  Mrs. Snyder reported that if the Governor’s budget was passed, the effect on the Town’s budget would be a decrease of $8.6 million; without the Teacher pension cuts, the decrease would be $4.9 million.  They are still waiting for the final budget numbers from the State Legislature.  Currently, the Library budget is the same as this year.
  3.  Strategic Planning Committee
  1.  Review of CT Libraries Best Practices – Finance Section – The Board continued their review of this section.  Mrs. Stroud reviewed the Finance section, and found that the Library is between enhanced and exemplary on 3 items.  Mrs. Asplund commented that the Town has been very supportive of the Library.  Mrs. Stroud would like the flyer that was distributed to the Board from the State Library be made available to the public. This flyer highlights the contribution of the Library to the community.  Mrs. Stroud would also like a long-range capital plan for the Library to be included in Strategic Planning.  Next month the Board will review the Governance portion of the Best Practices. 
  1. Technology Projects – Mrs. Etter and Mrs. LaBelle visited Robert H. Lord Company to look at carts for Makerspace projects.  This cart would make Makerspace portable to be used in either department.  Mrs. LaBelle is also looking to add tech programs to enhance the Summer Reading Program.
  2. Connecticar/deliverIT CT – The deliveries continue to be a problem.  The deliveryIT Task Force recommendation would ask networks to consider private delivery options among their own members.  No formal decision on this has been made, but there are budget implications to consider.
  3. Trustee Orientation Packet (ACLB Recommended) - tabled until next month.
  4. Wish List – no report 
  1.  New Business
  1. Staff – no report
  2. Any other business that may properly come before the Board – none           
9.   Communications – Mrs. Etter has received the ACLB newsletter, and will be distributing to all Board members.
  1. Executive Session to discuss matters which by law are deemed confidential - none 
11.  Library Board Chairman’s Comment – no comment
12.  Adjournment - Meeting adjourned 8:30 p.m. (Andrus).
Respectfully Submitted,
Jean M. Preuss
Business Manager/Administrative Assistant