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SOUTH WINDSOR PUBLIC LIBRARY                                       D R A F T
LIBRARY BOARD OF DIRECTORS         Regular Meeting July 24, 2018 
  1. A Regular Meeting of the South Windsor Public Library Board of Directors was held in the Board Room of the Library on Tuesday, July 24, 2018. The Meeting was called to order by Chair Carole Stroud at 7:03 p.m. 
PRESENT:                  C. Stroud, K-M. Sharos, K. Chiappetta, B. Asplund, C. Gallagher
ABSENT:                   M. Andrus
ALSO PRESENT:      M. J. Etter, Library Director
                                    J. Preuss, Business Manager/Administrative Assistant
  1. Friends of the South Windsor Public Library – The Friends’ wreath fundraising project is on display in the Friends Room.  The finale will be held on August 6 to announce the winning bids.    
  1. Public Participation – none
  1. It was moved and seconded (Asplund/Chiappetta) to adopt the Minutes of the Regular Meeting June 26, 2018. Voted unanimously.    
  1. It was moved and seconded (Chiappetta/Asplund) that the Treasurer’s Reports from June 2018 be accepted and placed on file, subject to audit. Voted unanimously.  
  1. Director’s Reports – Mrs. Etter reported that Andre Industries has been here to remove canopy tops that have the laminate reglued.  They will be back tomorrow morning to finish the project.  The ceiling projector for the Children’s program room will be installed next week.  The new bulletin board with slat wall and display space will be installed shortly.  The colors have been chosen.  The new carpeting for the lower level hall, Friends Room and main staircase will be installed next month.  Mrs. Etter had a brochure to share with the Board about the State Library’s project on World War I; people have been lending their photos, letters and other keepsakes from WWI for digitization during this project.
7.  Old Business -  
  1. Equipment – no report             
  2. Committees
  1. Personnel, Policy, and Rules – Question – Mrs. Preuss asked a follow-up question on the status of the Benefits that the Board has been discussing with the Town Manager.  The Board stated that the sick-pay payout is being phased out, so the Library would not offer that to the full-time employees.  Mrs. Preuss informed the Board that a payout was recently made, and it didn’t appear to be phased out. The Board stated that the salary range revision was implemented after the Board learned the Town’s stance on this issue.  The Board considers this discussion closed.
  2. Strategic Planning Committee – Update – Mrs. Stroud updated the Board on the status of the Strategic Planning proposal.  She reviewed the proposal from Maxine Bleiweis.  The cost of this project will be approximately $ 10,000.  She asked Board members for their opinion.  Mrs. Sharos is not in favor of the expense of this project.  Mrs. Gallagher thought the expense was reasonable for Ms. Bleiweis’ expertise.  Mrs. Chiappetta felt the expense was also reasonable based on her personal experience with consulting.  Mrs. Asplund felt that we are investing in the Library’s future plan.  Mrs. Gallagher made a motion to approve the expenditure of $10,000 to hire Maxine Bleiweis and Associates for the Strategic Planning project.  Mrs. Chiappetta seconded the motion. The project was approved was 4-1.  Voting in favor of the motion were Mrs. Chiappetta, Gallagher, Asplund, and Stroud. Voting against the motion was Mrs. Sharos.  Motion carried.  Mrs. Stroud remarked that the Board has to create an advisory council to start the process, and Board members should come up with potential members of this council.  The Strategic Planning committee will meet either Wednesday August 1 at 7 p.m. or Thursday, August 2 at 3 p.m., depending on the availability of Mrs. Sharos.  Mrs. Etter will inform the Board which date was chosen.
  1. Technology Projects – Mrs. LaBelle is working with the manufacturer of Ozobots to resolve a problem with the robots. She is also working with AARP to offer Library space so that AARP can offer free classes for seniors with personal computer devices.
  2. Trustee Orientation Packet – done
  3. Wish List – no report
  1.  New Business
  1. Staff – Mrs. Etter has made a call to the Police department to see if we should require background checks for employees.  She is waiting for their input.
  2. Strategic Planning Consultant – discussed above in the Committee update.
  3. August meeting – The Board will not meet in August; several members are not available for this meeting.
  4. Any other business that may properly come before the Board – none        
9.   Communications – none
  1. Executive Session to discuss matters which by law are deemed confidential - none 
11.  Library Board Chairman’s Comment – no comment
12.  Adjournment - Meeting adjourned 8:20 p.m. (Asplund).
Respectfully Submitted,
Jean M. Preuss
Business Manager/Administrative Assistant